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Autumn Herb and Feed Package

Autumn Herb and Feed Package

PriceFrom $59.95

During the Autumn season our chooks are Moulting and growing their new feathers. They need huge amounts of protein and plenty of calcium for the winter ahead. This pack has it all, including our Ultimate Dust Bath for insect prevention and general health.

In our Autumn Package you will have everything you need to Naturally -

Boost immunity

Aid digestion

Control Rodents

Lice and Mite prevention

Mosquito and fly repellent

Increase Protein, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids and Calcium for end of season reset.

Eliminate Odours

Herbs and Natural resources have been used by agriculturalists and Poultry owners for hundreds of years. There is much research proving the effectiveness of Natural remedies and preventative treatments for poultry owners.

Please click on each product to read detailed benefits.

Two size packs available. Please note the recommended feed levels are very small. A little goes a long way.

Wellness Herb Blend 70g or 150g

Ultimate Dust Bath -800g satchel

Revival and Moult Blend 400g or 1kg

Egg Laying Stimulant- Calcium Blend- 400g or 1kg

Hemp Heart and Hulls Booster 200g



2 pack sizes available Large or Extra Large

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