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Black Soldier Fly Larvae-Popped

Black Soldier Fly Larvae-Popped

SKU: FLY-100
PriceFrom $10.95

Black Soldier Fly larvae (BSFL) are a highly nutritious insect. Our nutritional analysis has shown our BSF larvae to contain about 40% protein and 30% fat.

·100 % natural – free from additives and preservatives

· Higher temperatures used when drying effectively 'Pop' the shell causing the density to be more like a mealworm rather than the harder larvae caused by dehydrating on lower temperatures.

·An excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals

·High in amino acids, essential building blocks for growth and egg production

·Reduces landfill and greenhouse gas production

·Low food miles – produced and processed in Australia

·Long shelf-life and no need to refrigerate!

These insects have a high calcium to phospohorous ratio (6:1), which is an important metabolic element for the proper growth and development. Calcium also assists in bone growth, nerve function and egg development.

Larvae fed on a mixture of grains, veggies, breads - all pre consumer waste. NO MEAT or dairy!

Your chooks will go crazy over these!!

100g, 250g, 500g resealable pouches

1kg Reusable Bucket!

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