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Winter Package

Winter Package

PriceFrom $59.95

Our Winter Package includes-

Winter Wonder Mix 400g or 1kg

This 100% natural blend is packed full of protein, amino fats and vitamins to help your chooks during the colder weather and be at their best coming into Spring.

Black Solider Fly Larvae 100g or 250g-

40% Protein 30% fat. Your chooks will go crazy for these!

Meal worms 100g or 250g

53% Protein 28% fat 6% fibre. Great to go inside your treat roller.

Wellness Herb Blend 70g or 150g

Anti parasitic, Boosts immunity, Helps digestion, Odour elimination, Rodent control,

Calming and Natural lice and mite repellant

Treat Roller

Interactive treat dispensing toy for poultry. Excellent for winter when your girls need extra stimulation as they may not be free ranging as much. The extra energy involved in getting out the treats helps your chooks stay warm.

Click on the product heading to read full details of each product.

2 pack sizes available Large or Extra Large or available for purchase singularly by clicking on the names.

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