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Wheatgrass Kit

Wheatgrass Kit

PriceFrom $8.95

This all in one pack comes with everything you need to grow your own fodder for your chooks. Grow inside or out with purpose built stand!

Easy to grow even if you do not have a green thumb. Seeds take just 7-9 days.


Packs contain-

1kg Wheatgrass sprouting seeds- enough for 10 trays

One, two or three layer purpose built seedling stand

Two seed trays with strainers per stand

Step by step instructions

Spray Bottle


Each stand layer is 26cm high, 34cm deep, 55cm long.

The trays are 32x24cm.


Healthy Greens - Nature's Superfood!

Wheat grass is a natural food material for chickens and is a healthy way to provide chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and energy. One of nature’s super foods!


Great source of “green food” in winter. Wheatgrass is known to increase egg production and quality of eggs. Sprouted fodder seed is easier to digest than plain seed. A feast treat for chickens!


Reduce your feed bill!


It is optimum to feed 50% of the flocks’ feed as fodder with the other half in standard layer feed. This includes free range time. It also keeps chickens busy and happy as they peck at their freshly grown fodder! A wonderful boredom buster.


-Can be fed Daily or as a treat

-Safe for all ages

-Excellent introdcution to free ranging for chicks

- Step by step instructions to guarantee sucess

-Grown indoors or out

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