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Insect Protein Meal

Insect Protein Meal

PriceFrom $19.95

Our Protein meal is a highly nutritious additive for your Chook's feed. Excellent over winter! Safe and amazingly beneficial for chicks as young as 6 weeks. Great for all poultry breeds and species.

Full fat meal: Min 65% crude protein, 30-40% fat, <5% Ash

·100 % natural – free from additives and preservatives

·Gently dried to preserve maximum nutrition

·An excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals

·High in amino acids, essential building blocks for growth and egg production

·Reduces landfill and greenhouse gas production

·Low food miles – produced and processed in Australia

·Long shelf-life and no need to refrigerate!

Insect Protein meal has a high calcium to phosphorous ratio (6:1), which is an important metabolic element for the proper growth and development. Calcium also assists in bone growth, nerve function and egg development.

All insects are fed on a mixture of grains, veggies, breads - all pre consumer waste. NO MEAT or dairy!

As we source this in Australia and Insect farming is quite new and expensive to set up we have a limited supply of Insect Meal. We will do our best to keep up with demand.

We recommend feeding at a ratio of 10 parts feed to 1 part Insect meal. Or 20g per week per chook.

250g and 500g, 1kg resealable pouches


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