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Natural Prevention Pack

Natural Prevention Pack

SKU: LICE-70/250
PriceFrom $34.95

Poultry Spray

100% natural

Safe to use from 8 weeks old.

Fragrant, vibrant and fresh.

250ml and 500ml bottles.

Directions for use:

Treatment of infected bird- Spray 1-2 pumps directly onto the chooks legs, feet, back and wing feathers. Avoid head and eyes.

Treatment and prevention(pen, coop, nest boxes)- Remove poultry from pen. Spray pen and nest boxes directly. Allow to dry before placing poultry back inside. Recommended after rain and monthly to prevent infestations.

WARNINGS: Not to be used for any other manner contrary to what is on label. Store below 25 degrees.

Ingredients- Peppermint, Tea Tree Oil, Australian Wild Lemon, Neem Oil, Natural Plant based Solubilizer, Alfalfa Grass, Seasonal herb extracts. NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS, NO CHEMICALS!

Wellness Herb Blend

Give your chickens a boost with this 100% natural, 100% Australian grown herb blend. Perfect for laying hens, first year growers and roosters.

Boosts immunity

Helps digestion

Odour elimination

Rodent control


Natural repellent

Just add 2 tablespoons to each nest box or bedding.

70 gram and 150 gram satchels- one tablespoon approx 2gm.

Contains 11 different herbs, each tried and tested to achieve a 100% natural result.


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