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Revival and Moult Blend

Revival and Moult Blend

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Picture is of my hen- 2 weeks of using this blend!

Shorter days and cooler temperatures...To chickens, it’s a sign that it is time to renew their feathers. Losing feathers and re-growing them is called moulting and occurs every year when the days get shorter.

During moult, chickens typically stop laying eggs and use this time to build up their nutrient reserves. Even though they are not laying, it is critical that your chickens have a high quality diet during this time.

Feeding a high quality ration such as Revival and Moult Blend during moult will help your birds get through the process and back to laying eggs as quickly as possible. The blend is a unique and innovative life-stage product that can also be fed year round if desired. It has elevated levels of protein as well as a mix of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help maintain healthy skin and develop strong and beautiful new feathers.


Dried Mealworms- packed full of protein, vitamins and high-grade edible oils.

Black Solider Fly Larvae-(dried) highly nutritious insect. Our nutritional analysis has shown our BSF larvae to contain about 40% protein and 30% fat.

Cracked Corn- high energy source, contains Cryptoxanthin-a colour pigment present in corn which helps give egg yolks a yellow colour.

Black Sunflower seed- adds protein and make feathers shinier and more water-resistant. Black oil sunflower seeds will increase egg production in hens, and promote weight gain. They also increase the nutrients in the eggs.

Pumpkin seed-loaded with nutrients and vitamin E.

Sultanas-great source of fibre, potassium and iron.

Lemon Balm-As well as relieving stress and promoting calm among our chickens, Lemon Balm is full of antibacterial properties, and also a great all natural rodent repellent.

150g, 400g, 1kg, 2kg resealable satchels

What size do I need?

We recommend 1 cup per week to 5 chooks or 20g per chook per week.

400g Revival is approximately 4 cups.

1kg Revival is approximately 10 cups.

2kg Revival is approximately 20 cups.

Does not replace normal feed.

Multi packs available with our Wellness Herb Blend

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