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Spring Surprise Blend- WITH BEE POLLEN!

Spring Surprise Blend- WITH BEE POLLEN!

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This blend is an absolute favorite for us here at Childs Chicks.

This blend is specifically formulated for your girls during Spring. In Spring your chooks are looking their best and should be a picture of health. They have finished their moult and have started laying again.

They will need lots of protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals to keep them in tip top shape during breeding season. 100% Natural. All Ingredients Australian grown.


Bee Pollen Granules

Bee pollen is one of those “superfoods” that contains not just a ton of vitamins and minerals, but also more protein than meat! Multiple studies have been done to examine the health impacts of feeding bee pollen to chickens.

As a feed additive, bee pollen shows signs of being a powerful way to prevent parasites and bad bacteriawhile increasing the overall health of the chicken.

In one study, chickens fed 35 grams of bee pollen per 1 kilo of feed showed more beneficial bacteria in their guts – which means a healthier bird overall.

This same study also showed that bee pollen reduced the amount of bad bacteria – meaning that bee pollen showed antibacterial properties.

Multiple studies have shown that chickens with higher amounts of beneficial bacteria not only GREW better (because they weren’t battling bad bacteria like campylobacter as much) but LAID healthier eggs (because the eggs were less likely to be transmitters of bad bacteria like salmonella).

Dried Mealworms- packed full of protein, vitamins and high-grade edible oils.

Pumpkin Seeds-loaded with nutrients and vitamin E.

Cracked Corn- high energy source, contains Cryptoxanthin-a colour pigment present in corn which helps give egg yolks a yellow colour.

Crushed peas-good protein quality and high in amino acids.

Crushed Lupins- good source of protein (28-34% crude protein) but also contain some fat (around 5%) and digestible fibre.

Wheat- improves digestion, increasing the ability to resist coccidiosis.

Sorghum- high energy source.

Black Sunflower seed- adds protein and makes feathers shinier and more water-resistant. Black oil sunflower seeds will increase egg production in hens, and promote weight gain. They also increase the nutrients in the eggs.

Rose Petals- Roses cleanse blood toxins and act as antiseptics and antibacterial agents.

Hibiscus- Great fibre source. Boosts immunity.

Lavender -As well as relieving stress and promoting calm among our chickens, Lavender is full of antibacterial properties, and also a great all natural rodent repellent.

Goji Berries- Full of vitamins and a tasty favorite.

400g, 1kg, 2kg resealable satchels

What size do I need?

We recommend 1 cup per week to 5 chooks or 20g per chook per week.

400g is approximately 4 cups.

1kg is approximately 10 cups.

2kg is approximately 20 cups.

Does not replace normal feed.

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