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Sumatra Chicks and Eggs

Sumatra Chicks and Eggs

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Egg quantities are updated daily. If you can add it to the cart they will be sent the following Monday or Tuesday if a public holiday falls on the Monday.

Please register for notifications if sold out. As soon as quantities are updated on the website you will receive an emaii.


Sumatra’s standard color is a deep black with a hint of green (beetle) sheen.

Curiously, the Sumatra, much like the Silkie and the Ayam Cemani, has black skin and bones.

The Sumatra chicken, as you might have guessed, lays very small eggs. However, a hen can lay up to 100 white eggs a year.

What’s more, this little hen doesn’t necessarily slow down egg production during the winter months, as long as they are happy and healthy.

On the other hand, if you’re hoping your hens go broody, and will raise their own chicks, you’ll have to practice a bit of patience.

Our 2023/2024 breeding team consist of Stunning mature hens and our stunning second season rooster.

Rooster take back policy- We are happy to take back roosters from 12 weeks. This will be in time before they start to crow. They must be dropped back to us (no pick up sorry). No refunds are given.

Pick up available in Jimboomba.- Message us before purchasing if you require pick up.

No Adult birds are currently available.

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$25 express one dozen includes Eggsafe Styrofoam Carton.

Postage is a gamble.
We take all care when collecting, storing and packing eggs.
We send express in eggsafe polystyrene cartons. Once the eggs are handed over to Australia Post we have no control.
We cannot guarantee fertility when posted but do guarantee fertility if picked up.
No refunds will be given on posted eggs.
We have had some excellent hatches all over the country.

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