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Wet Weather Pack

Wet Weather Pack


What should we be doing when the rain just keeps coming to make sure our chooks stay in the best of health?We have put together our Wet Weather Pack to help you be prepared for when the rain finally disappears.Our Wet Weather Pack contains-Pack One- Ultimate Dust Bath 1kgPoultry Spray 250mlWellness Blend 70gWinter Wonder Mix 400GAs soon as the rain stops get out there and redo the bedding. No matter which method or bedding type you use, it will need replacing after large amounts of rain. Spread DE in outside areas before placing bedding on top. This will prevent lice and mites. Also make sure you replace the dust bath.Ultimate Dust BathSpray the entire enclosure with a preventative Poultry Spray. This will prevent parasites, lice and mites. It will also keep the mosquitoes at bay when the warm weather comes back. Mosquitoes are kryptonite for chickens. They cause all sorts of diseases including the dreaded fowl pox.Place a mixture of herbs in the night coop and nest boxes. OurWellness Blendis specifically designed for parasite control, odour control, immunity boosting and calming properties. A good quality, high protein diet is a must through cold, wet weather. All their energy is being used for creating warmth.So in wet, cold weather it is imperative we substitute protein.Most chooks will not be free ranging as freely during this time if it’s wet so will not be getting added protein with bugs and other sources. We useWinter Wonder Mixbut you can also just useMealwormsorBlack Soldier Fly Larvaewhich are high sources of protein.Please click on each product to read detailed benefits.


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