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Winter Wonder Mix

Winter Wonder Mix

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Winter treats for your chickens serve a couple of important purposes. They should be filling and provide lots of nutrients and energy. High-protein, high-carb, high energy high-fat foods to help give your chickens what they need to stay warm and to keep weight on.

Your chickens will be burning extra calories trying to stay warm through the winter, so a little extra fat isn't a bad idea. Since chickens hold the food they eat all day in their crop then digest it overnight, that creates warmth for them through the energy they expend digesting what they've eaten.

This 100% natural blend is packed full of protein, amino fats and vitamins to help your chooks during the colder weather and be at their best coming into Spring.


Dried Mealworms- packed full of protein, vitamins and high-grade edible oils.

Insect Protein Meal-(dried) highly nutritious. Full Fat meal: Min 65% crude protein, 30-40% fat, <5% Ash

Cracked Corn- high energy source, contains Cryptoxanthin-a colour pigment present in corn which helps give egg yolks a yellow colour.

Black Sunflower seed- adds protein and makes feathers shinier and more water-resistant. Black oil sunflower seeds will increase egg production in hens, and promote weight gain. They also increase the nutrients in the eggs.

Crushed Peanuts-high fat content. Good laying Stimulant.

Lavender -As well as relieving stress and promoting calm among our chickens, Lavender is full of antibacterial properties, and also a great all natural rodent repellent.

Calendula-known as a “super herb” traditionally used to support healthy digestion, immune system functions, and even healthy skin.

Garlic- -Chicken keepers have been giving garlic to their hens for decades, possibly longer, to help them treat infection and respiratory problems but also to improve their appetite and the size and quality of the eggs they lay.

Echinacea- Supports healthy immune system. Perfect during cold weather.

400g, 1kg resealable satchels. 2kg in bucket

What size do I need?

This mix is very high in Fat and protein- it is to be fed as a supplement as per below recommendations.

We recommend 1 cup per week to 5 chooks or 20g per chook per week.

400g is approximately 4 cups.

1kg is approximately 10 cups.

2kg is approximately 20 cups.

Does not replace normal feed.


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